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Find out what your old rare currency is worth!

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I am happy to provide a free appraisal for your United States currency!

I will also make an offer to buy your currency if you are interested in selling.

If you have US currency printed between 1863 and 1929 and are interested in knowing if it's rare and what it's worth I am happy to help out.
Before you write or call me, please see if you can identify the following information from the bill.

1) What is the year or series?
This should be something like 1929, 1902 or 1882... A year and sometimes a letter.
2) What type of note is it?
The note should say National Currency, Federal Reserve Note, Legal Tender etc... Often times the seal color is enough for me to figure it out.
3) What is the condition of the note?
Is the note barely circulated, moderately circulated or a rag? Are there tears, writing or bank teller stamps?
4) Reason for the appraisal?
Are you getting your currency appraised to sell it or for insurance purposes?
5) A Picture?
If at all possible a picture of the note is the best possible piece of information you can send me to help identify the note
and to figure out the value. Nothing you can write will give me a better understanding of your note than a picture.
If you don't have a scanner to make a scan you can go to Staples or Kinkos. They will help you make a scan that you can send me.

I am especially happy to see and hear about new national currency so please don't be shy!
This is type of currency was used throughout the US between 1865 and 1929 and it's primarily known for having the city and state of the bank on it.
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Greg Davis